God appeared before a crowd one day and promised that an amount of $ 720 will be credited to all on the first of every month. The people were overjoyed. Then God asked how much would they be willing to give back to God to contribute to a good cause. People responded by saying 25% of his gift which is $ 180. God said that he didn't want so much. He only wanted $3 to $5 every month. The crowd readily agreed. God insisted that he will not deduct the amount himself but the people should give back on their own accord.

Question: If god gave you $720 every month would you give back as little as $3 every month? (Most people would say yes)

Every one of us are gifted 720 hours a month of time. Wouldn't it be easy to give back at least 3 hours a month for a good cause?

If you are willing to donate your time and or talent for a minimum of 3 hours a month, then SMILE is the platform for you.

Humanity strives towards excellence. Amongst many differences, we as humans are different from animals because of our nature and behavior. To do research and improve life, to follow a conscious decision rather than react instinctively, to sacrifice, to help others, to be creative, to follow a philosophy and to take part in philanthropic activities.

Love, emotion, care and concern can be found in some animals, but when we have exhibited/ experienced/ manifested all the traits above we have lived a full life.

Therefore in SMILE, we chose to create a platform for everyone to experience some of these traits: service in our daily life.

When we perform an act of kindness without expectation of return, that is defined as service with smile. SMILE is a platform for people to render such service. You can start by doing one good deed a day.

Buddha preached desirelessness, Krishna -doing an act with no expectation, Jesus-love, Prophet Mohamed – charity. All Religions have emphasized the importance of "Service". A social service activity, an act of kindness is like a multi-vitamin that covers all of the above. Even a criminal can change by doing one good deed a day. The power of an act of kindness is soul stirring while self-gratification may give joy in the moment, lasting joy is through giving.